NFL Football Betting

A new season of NFL Football Betting is already upon us with many online bookmakers already posting their Super Bowl XLIII betting odds for the 2008/09 NFL season ahead.

Last season saw the New England Patriots almost complete the perfect season before going down to the New York Giants in Super Bowl 42. Bill Belichik’s Patriots are once again heavily favoured in 2009 Super Bowl Futures Betting markets.

There are many different NFL Football betting options available to punters and we will go through the main ones here for you:

NFL Football Sports Betting Options

NFL Futures Sports Bet

Online bookmakers let you place a wager long before an event takes place. So placing an NFL Football sports bet on an event that will take place in the future is called an NFL Futures Bet. These types of sport bets are usually restricted to who will win a conference championship or who will win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.

Win Bet Sports Bet

Straight out win only betting is probably the easiest NFL sports bet to understand. You place your wager on your selection of a head to head match-up to win and if they do, then you get paid. Should your selection lose, the bookie keeps your money. Bookmakers also refer to this type of straight out win bet as the NFL money line.

Line Bet or Handicap Sports Bet

The Line Bet or Handicap Sports Bet is the points spread or handicap that a team is given. You are betting on team A to either win by more than the handicap or you are betting on team B to lose by a margin that is within the handicap.

This is a popular form of betting amongst gamblers when one team is clearly better than the opposition. The bookmakers’ price on the red-hot favourite is too short to bet on straight out so to get some value for our money the bookmakers post a handicap to entice us to part with our money and have an NFL sports bet.

Total Points Sport Bet

Sometimes you want to place a sports bet on a game and you just don’t know which team will win but you do know it will be a high scoring contest with two great quarterbacks out on the field.

You can place a bet on the points total. This is the total match total of both teams combined, which is set by the bookmaker, and you simply bet on over or under the points total.

This is usually a very good bet when both teams play very little defence.

Margin Bet

The Margin Bet allows you to get a little more return on your investment should you pick the correct margin. Bookmakers are always looking for new bet types to give gamblers more variety when they place a sports wager and while picking the margin isn’t always easy to do, you are well rewarded with the price offered if you do manage to pick a winner.

Exotic Bet Types

There are many exotic bet types offered by bookmakers on NFL Football Betting. You will find that bookmakers will offer you the opportunity to bet on things like:

  • Who will score the first Touch Down?
  • Who will be the last team to lose this season?
  • How many Touch Down passes will player X catch?
  • Who will win the Coin Toss?
  • The correct final score.
  • The halftime score.

(Different bookmakers will offer different exotic bet types to you)

Accumulator Sports Bet

The accumulator sports bet has many names around the world, the all up win bet or the parlay bet type are just two of them. The Accumulator Sports Bet works like this, you pick the winner in more than one game, your bet has to include two or more selections, if your selection wins, then all your winning will automatically go onto your next selection.

Some online bookmakers will let you bet on up to 20 selections but if you get just one wrong, then you lose, even if you got the other 19 correct.

Be aware that the names of different bet types may vary between bookmakers. Make sure that you understand what type of sport bet you are actually putting on at your online bookmakers website.

The Greyhorse Bot

Horse racing has always been my main interest when laying on the exchanges, but now I have found a even better way to add a bit more to my income using a market that has 3 times as many daily races, only 6 runners and no cheating jockeys to worry about!!!

Greyhounds are so unpredictable it is great for people who like me use to bet on runners to lose, and you can do it is easily with this software.

It really does make me angry when I see people claiming you can win £1000′s when we all know to do that you will need a huge betting bank to start with which allows you to bet £100′s on each race, but we are not all that lucky.

The real way to win is to make small amounts from different methods, investors call this “spreading your risk” and it works for them and it will work for you as well, and one place you can make a steady daily amount is on the greyhounds.

Typically greyhound meetings run every 10 minutes and are normally split into 3 daily sessions, shared between two courses which means you have around 72 or more races to use a day, a few more than horse racing!

When I set out to create a system to use with the greyhounds I realised quite early that one of the biggest problems was that you could miss a race quite easily, even a phone call could distract you long enough to miss a race. 10 minutes goes quicker than you think.

Greyhorse BotSo after already inventing several betting bot’s it wasn’t long before I contacted a programming team to help me produce a bot that would make betting on the greyhounds automatic.

After several months of testing I was pleased to announce the release of  the GreyHorse Bot but now several months later the bot has been improved to allow you greater flexibility.

We re-named the Greyhound Bot, The Grey Horse bot, because you can now use it on Greyhound and Horse races and you can also manually or automatically (based on price) select runners.

The Greyhorse Bot is not just a betting bot, it has a special selection system built in so that you don’t even have to worry about what race to select, which means you can get the most from the Greyhorse Bot straight away.

The real beauty is that the Greyhorse Bot does it automatically for you, it takes less than 5 minutes to set it up in the morning and then it automatically places bets based on the criteria outlined in the users manual, and even stops as soon as your profit level is reached.

It’s even safe… you can set your maximum acceptable loss on the odd occasions things do not go your way.

Look at these features…

Choose as many Greyhounds races as you wish daily.
Choose as many horse races as you wish daily
Manually select runners
Auto select runners (based on price range)
Set stake by amount or liability
Set Maximum Profit and Loss
Back or Lay (not both together)
Odds trigger range (maximum and Minimum odds to bet at)
Odds to bet (only bet if these odds can be matched)
Unique Staking Trigger (Staking scratch back)
Go inplay
Check odds only once (cancels the bet if your price is not available)
Paper Trade to test betting ideas
Carry forward loses (If you are running a continuous staking plan over several days)
Win and Lose streak. The Grey horse bot can be set to stop after one or more losers or one or more winners.
Full Users Guide
This bot has got everything it needs because it has been designed by me in use or from other current users, but at the same time it hasn’t got lots of confusing options that you will never need.

Unlike horse racing the amount of money on greyhounds (liquidity) is a lot less, so there is no way you are going to bet 100′s a race, but there is no reason you can not make up to a £100 a day

BetBot Pro

Betting is a fun past-time for anyone that’s ever done it. For some it’s a hobby while others use it as a supplement to their regular income. If you fall in the category of the latter, you may have been looking for a method to improve your odds and increase your income. You’ll love what BetBot Pro can do for you. Shortly after you get and begin using BetBot Pro, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

If making a steady profit to your income is what you’re hoping to do, reading this can very well be your first step towards a lifetime of financial security and happiness. You may be wondering what’s so special about BetBot Pro and how we can be so sure of how much it can help you. Read on and you’ll quickly see the wonderful opportunities BetBot Pro can offer.

More than just another new computer betting software program, BetBot Pro is an Automated Betfair API Software that will take care of your betting needs even when you can’t be there to do it yourself. If you’re a better at the track on a regular basis, you probably have had many days where you really had a lot of other things to do but didn’t get around to doing them by time you got home. With BetBot Pro, this will never be a problem for you again. You place your bets and do you thing and you can leave and let BetBot Pro do the work for you.

You’re not limited to just betting on the horses in the UK or the U.S. You have a wide variety of betting choices including Greyhound racing, US, UK and AUS horse racing or whatever you happen to be in the mood for that particular day. Your choices of betting selections on each race are also offered in a large variety. You can pick single or multiple greyhound or horse races as well as choosing winners from any number of races. No longer will betting be a hassle for you because BetBot Pro software does the work for you. All you have to do is place your bets, a few minute process, and go spend time with your family, go golfing or whatever tickles your fancy. Your software will do the work for you.

BetBot Pro has many special features that make it a special addition to your betting hobby-a very helpful addition. You can place bets up to 5-10 minutes before the start of the race and the software has a filter that will only allow bets up to your limits. They also have safety features that won’t allow bets to go beyond what you’ve set as your “safety” limits. You’ll find it so simple to use, you’ll start to believe it was designed just for you. If you have any questions, their team of qualified staff is available to help you or answer any questions you may have.